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An experienced artist and technician advancing my skills through coding.

I graduated from Brock University(’85) with a BSc in Geology and a minor in Biology. I joined the Army two years after graduating to learn and work with high end electronics. As an FCS technician(electronics) I trained on and serviced the TOW Missile System and the turret/weapons firing systems on board the Grizzly and Cougar Assault vehicles.

After six years I received an honourable discharge and while I continued to work in electronics I also taught myself computer graphics eventually landing a position in the fledgling field of CG Animation as a game artist. I worked on a few projects, notably Zork: the Grand Inquisitor and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. A year later I was asked to supervise the modeling department on Monster By Mistake! one of the first fully CG animated TV shows. I spent seven years as an artist and supervisor in TV animation before heading up the Modeling Department for IMAX's first 3D film conversion, Super Man Returns, to IMAX 3D. After IMAX I joined CORE Animation as Supervising Production Manager of the animated children's series Super Why! for PBS and Nickelodeon. My last major project was supervising the production of a full length CG animated documentary about space for the National Geographic Channel.

The recession in 2008 had a very negative impact on the animation industry. After two years of short sporadic contracts, mostly in advertising, I had to once again change careers. I became a Realtor in the Hamilton/Burlington area but after six years I had to admit I wasn’t satisfied with sales so I upgraded my computer animation software knowledge and in November 2017 I began studying coding and web development with the goal of utilizing my skills in a more technical environment.

I may be late for the coding party but I come with bonus skills, experience and a lot of enthusiasm. I'm currently open to opportunities, I'll be available full time in October 2018 but I could be available earlier on a limited basis.

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