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An experienced CG Artist currently training in Interactive Media Development.

I began my professional career as a traditional artist... painting, illustrating and designing. In 1995 I had the foresight to buy a computer and adapt my skills to computer graphics which I leveraged into a career in television animation. Through out my career I've had to stay current, learning and re-learning software, pipelines, and digital art techniques. These days I’m including front-end design, development and Ui/Ux in that list.

Do you need a Unicorn? Someone who excels in design and development? As a successful self-taught artist, I’ve proven I’m a fast learner, I enjoy what I do, and I sacrificed a lot of free time to achieve my goals. Now I’m learning Front End Design and Development and you can be sure I’m going to apply the same learning skills and work ethics to achieve my goal.

I can truly say adding interactivity to my skillset has been "like a carpenter first putting knife to wood and realizing the possibilities are endless!"

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Tony Ascroft

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