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An experienced CG Artist currently training in Interactive Media Development.

I began my professional career as a traditional artist... painting and illustrating. In 1995 I had the foresight to buy a computer and adapt my skills to computer graphics which I leveraged into a career in CG animation. I think of my skillset as tools in a toolbox. My science background, electronics training, Photoshop, 3dSMax, concept sketching, retouching, animation, these are all tools I possess and can call on. Now I've added HTML, CSS and JavaScript to that toolbox.

As a successful self-taught CG artist, I’ve proven I’m a fast learner, and because I enjoy what I do I gladly invest my time to achieve my goals. Now, learning to code is my goal. I'm enjoying it and you can be sure I’ll apply those same learning skills and work ethic to quickly achieving a level of competence that will allow me to contribute to original projects. Watch my 'portfolio' for my latest creations.

I'm currently looking for a new opportunity. If you think my skills match your needs please contact me. Send a message. or call/text 905-541-3907

Tony Ascroft

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