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Artist/Designer with experience/training in electronics, optronics and electro-mechanical. I have a BSc in Geology and Biology and I'm teaching myself coding in my spare time (Javascript, Html, and Python). I'm especially interested in web animation, ai and big data.

I'm an Artist and Designer who enjoys science and technology and how it all blends together. Around 1993, after years of sharpening pencils and dipping brushes, I discovered digital art and realized my mixed interests would suit CG Animation. By 1996 I had accepted my first artist position with a game company doing background animations and art.

From there I worked on a number of projects for different studios as an artist, supervisor and production manager gaining credits in TV animation, games and film. Currently I'm working on the look development of an as yet undisclosed series from Industrial Brothers in Toronto. Release date:Fall 2019.

Tony Ascroft
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