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  • Photograph
    © Maxime Desbiens
  • CG Environment
  • CG Environment: inspired by a photograph in Canadian Home and House magazine (Photographer:Maxime Desbiens). This is a fully CG environment. I modeled, textured, lit, rendered and composited everything (except foliage: provided by www.cgtrader.com). Photoshop retouching was done on the still images. 3DS Max.Photoshop.Mental Ray.Nuke ~ 2017

  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Digital Matte Painting: the Tower and sky were created in Photoshop then animated and composited into the beach clip in Nuke. Photoshop.Nuke ~ 2017

  • Modeling Maya
  • Modeled in Maya: the first part of a scene from WW2. After texturing the boat I plan to composite it into existing footage of a boat of relatively the same size avoiding the time(cost) required to create a water effect. Check back to see my progress towards the final composition. Maya ~ 2017

  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Digital Matte Painting: created in Photoshop from an image I shot myself. I used Photoshop to clean up the image then change it from Fall to Winter. It looked good but need to come to life so I imported into Nuke and added the snow effect and animated the layers to give the illusion of the lights being turned off. Photoshop.Nuke ~ 2016-2017

  • Projection Mapping
  • DMP- Projection Mapping: created in Photoshop from five images, the various layers were then projected onto geometry created in 3DS Max. The geometry and images were exported to Nuke for animation and final comping. Photoshop.3DS Max. Nuke ~ 2016

  • Digital Matte Painting
  • DMP- Photoshop: Created in Photoshop from a shot I took of the Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD in Toronto. The shot was cleaned up and extended to include a missing section of the building, then I combined it in Photoshop with images of modern architecture to give it an old building out of place feel. Photoshop ~ 2016

  • Digital Matte Painting
  • DMP- Photoshop: Created in Photoshop. This was a challenge created by mp4fm.com The goal was to seamlessly integrate more trees into the environment. Photoshop ~ 2016

  • CG Illustration
  • CG Illustration: This is an example of the benefits of CG Illustration. One plane was modeled and textured in Maya, the other in 3DS Max. The lighting was set up then the planes were positioned at different angles, rendered, and then composited in Photoshop where I also added the sky (my own photos/painted) and effects like smoke, muzzle flashes etc.(painted in Photoshop). Once the key elements have been created changes can be implemented much quicker than with a traditional illustration. Composition, camera angle, textures etc. can all be adjusted or replaced much quicker than using traditional techniques and elements can be saved and reused for even more cost savings. 3DS Max. Maya.Photoshop ~ 2016

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